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As soon as you download the file,
I suggest you print out the PDF
file, listen and read along at the
same time, and make handwritten
notes as you listen and read!

You will learn more quickly and more thoroughly by doing this!

(and make sure you listen and read more than just once...
one of my top apprentices tells me he's listened and read my written materials four and five times before it really clicked
for him - and he's a very sharp guy. By giving any material
just a quick glance or a one time listen and read, you will
be missing out on the true essentials of the information)

Here's the download link for the
17 Ways package:

Click here to download now

You will need program such as WinZip to unzip the files, if you
don't have it click here and install it first

WinZip is available for Windows, Macintosh, IOS, Android, Linux and other platforms.

Thanks again for your order!

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