17 Ways To Build Yourself A
Responsive and Profitable List

(Using proven strategies that really work)

Dear Friend,

Mark Hendricks here with something I know you'll be excited about too.

For a limited time, I am making available my special list building and list profit strategies that I've only revealed at my last Internet Success System Live Master Mind Conference, and to only a handful of my closest friends.

If you want to build and profit from your own hot list of subscribers and customers, no matter what market niches you target, then you'll be excited to learn these proven strategies that can potentially increase the profitability of your business by as much as two, three, five or ten times (or more!).

Fortunately, the ISS Live Master Mind Conference sessions were recorded and I had these strategies transcribed and put into a written pdf file so you can read and listen too (it's a full 63 pages and over two hours of audio jammed with just the good stuff... no fluff, no filler).

I am making these proven strategies available to the public on
a limited basis for the first time...but only for a few days

From the audio (mp3) and transcript (pdf) you will discover:

  • the amazingly simple secret to getting people to sign up for your list and buy from your recommendations
  • the three special ingredients you'll need to include to build your relationship with your customers and subscsribers
  • how to instantly position yourself as an expert to listen to, even if no one knows who you are
  • why relevant content is not good enough to make sales from your webpages or when mailing your list, I will tell you exactly what kind of content you should be giving them to create sales time and time again
  • the right kind of freebies to give away to get them signing up for your list like crazy
  • what format should your newsletter be in when you email it, one works better than all the others
  • everyone tells you to have a P.S. at the end of your letter, I will show you that you could be missing tons of sales by doing this, and where you should be putting that P.S. for best results
  • how to even make money off of people who unsubscribe from your list - that's right, you'll learn to make money from people who never want to hear from you again
  • why you need to sign people up to three separate lists every time they subscribe
  • and a whole lot more!

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For prior purchasers of this program, I held a special private followup teleconference to answer their specific questions, and I've made that two hour audio recording available to you too.

Here's just two of the letters I've received about this package:

Just wanted to say "Thanks", Mark.

I downloaded your "17 Ways" list building recommendations late last night and began reading and listening to it. I've always been inspired, educated and impressed with the quality of your work. My eyes grew too heavy and I just had to catch some ZZZ's.

Typically, you offered some great ideas up to the point I stopped. This morning I anxiously resumed my "education". More terrific ideas.

Through all your mailing to me there was something that clicked between you and I. I can't put my finger on it. Obviously we've never met. But it feels like we have. That's good copy writing. You seemed like a knowledgeable guy with a gift for putting words on paper. But there was more to it.

I always had the sense you were cut from a different cloth than the dyed-in-the-wool hard hitting marketers like ******, ******, and ******. When those guys send email I really get the sense I'm being SOLD. With you, it's different, Mark.

Then I got to the Q&A part when you had your students select the best tips they had heard from that session.

At that point, I realized what's different about you .

You care.

When you said "there's something that happens between people...and this stuff happens on my pillow at night (prayer), where I actually ask for help in attracting people who I can help. And you are the result." that difference became crystal clear to me

You know what happened when I heard you say that?

I cried.

Here was a 57 year old, experience-hardened businessman sitting at his computer with tears dribbling down his cheek.

You made me realized I'd allowed MY business to lose a critical aspect of success: actually caring about your customers and clients.

I didn't realize how I had allowed that to happen until that moment, Mark. I just wanted to say "Thanks" for waking me up.

Keep up your good work. I appreciate you.

~ Name and address not displayed for privacy

 [ A note from Mark: ****** = I took out the names he mentioned in his letter ]

I've worked with several "famous" Internet Marketers over the past couple of years.

Of those, Mark Hendricks is one that I can say I hold in highest esteem.


Integrity and service.

I had originally heard of Mark during a JV I was involved in with another internet marketer. As a result, I subscribed to Mark's newsletter. Over time (a relatively short time), it became obvious to me that Mark was one of those rare "breeds" of individuals who puts integrity before all else.

I emailed Mark on one occasion regarding my aforementioned JV partner. Mark had also JV'ed w/ this same individual (in a completely different capacity). Not only did Mark reply ... but he replied via TELEPHONE! I almost couldn't believe it when I answered the phone and found out it was him. Wow, what a rarity in today's automated, high-tech, low-touch environment. Not only
did he CALL me, but he stayed on the line until all of my concerns were answered. I never once felt hurried or that he "had something else more important" to get to.

I have since listened to and read many of Mark's informative teachings. I'm here to tell you ... what you read and what you hear from Mark is true to his essence. He has a no-nonsense,
no-hype approach to business. How refreshing! I would, without hesitation, recommend Mark and his products, services and teachings to any and all who wish to improve their internet
marketing efforts.

Brian Kelly
Vice President of Operations
eTravel Plus, Inc.
Lancaster, California

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