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Funnel Building vs. List Building

If you have been around or just curious about internet marketing or just making money online in general then you may have heard the saying, “The money is in the list”

Well this is only partly true!  Yes you can make money if you have a list.  This is why the first thing that someone who is beginning to  building a multi-level marketing business such as Amway, BeachBody, Pampered Chef, Melaleuca, etc. is told to build a list of contacts starting with all of their friends!  They are told to do this because this will give them to the opportunity so sell products to them.  The biggest problem here is that the new individual soon realizes that they do not have enough friends to make any serious money!  So clearly The list is not the answer!  So what sets having a sales funnel apart from having a list?  Having a sales funnel is so much more than just having a list!  It is all about building long term relationships with potential customers and turning them into long term customers!   A well designed sales funnel helps develop leads, the people that join a list , perhaps to get a free offer, but then uses an autoresponder to send emails to the people on the list to develop a relationship with them and to turn them into customers and it then goes on to keep those customers on additional products and services that you market!  A simple list and autoresponder, such as MailChimp are capable of such actions, but a comprehensive sales funnel is all about customer value optimization, in other words maximizing the revenue that you generate via a customer as they move through a much more comprehensive sales process which is created via the sales funnel

Furthermore a well designed sales funnel provides for testing and scalability to fully maximize the effectiveness of the sales funnel!  Of course this is accomplished via the relationship that is created with the people that enter into your sales funnel.  From indoctrination, to engagement, to ascension, to segmentation to re-engagement to segmentation to re-engagement on and on the cycle goes, as you get to know each individual in your sales funnel process as you track the action that each individual takes as they move throughout your sales funnel process!


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