7 Dollars For Premium Coffee vs. A 7 Dollar ATM Machine

Here is some thought for food, or as a minimum something that you need to think about before you head out to buy that premium coffee for the next couple of times!

One of the important concepts that businesses have to take into considerations is what is called “Opportunity Costs” They are the comparisons between different ways that a business can invest its resources (most predominantly money) and what the long term impact of that investment will have on the overall health and profitability of the company. It often compares the way that the same money can be invested between two or three different investments and tries to make its best estimate of what that investment will return over time. Often something that looks positive for a short term gain will have a huge negative impact and may actually result in long term losses or worse can even cause the demise of the company. Excellent CEO’s and CFO’s work hard to make wise and sound judgement on how they use those investments and the result is that those companies perform well over time!

This same principle is just as critical to the small business as it is to the Apple and Ford corporations of the world. The problem is that most small businesses as well as the sole proprietor and entrepreneur never really come to a good understanding of this principle and thus they often have to live with the consequences of the results of not actually having made an analysis of what they are investing into the opportunity choices that they are making. This brings me back to the title of today’s blog topic!

So let’s consider what something as small as a seven dollar spend might result in. Let’s say that you decide to stop at your favorite coffee shop in the morning for the next two days. Let’s assume also that all that you are getting is a large premium coffee. Now don’t get me wrong, i enjoy stopping for my 24 ounce espresso coffee from my favorite store once or occasionally twice a week too! So let’s say that it costs you on average $3.50 for each coffee and you only get one each day. So after two days you have spent a whopping total of $7.00 (plus tips of course). No big deal right? So what does that coffee have to do with the $7 Dollar ATM Machine you ask?

Well I find it amazing that someone can look at a business opportunity that can literally become an ATM cash dispenser for them and the trial cost them only $7.00 and they will walk away from it without even taking the time to find out is it has merit or not! So that same person can walk into that coffee shop and and order their premium coffee and yet when they have a chance to discover the potential benefits of putting that same $7.00 into taking a chance on creating their own private ATM cash dispenser that will provide them with a supply of cash for years to come! So ask yourself what is the true benefit that I am deriving from getting that coffee that i could not get some other way for a mere two days and instead take the step to purchase your own ATM cash dispensing machine! Heck you could brew your own coffee at home for two days and it would probably not even cost as much as the tip you are leaving at the coffee shop! Yes, you are buying convenience and possibly a better tasting cup of coffee. I know that my home brew iced espresso is not nearly as tasty as the one that I purchase at my local premium coffee shop, but it does get the job done for me! It may no seem like much but that $7.00 that I saved by not going to that store, allows me to invest that same seven dollars into a paid advertisement on Facebook that will get my offer seen by between 20 and 80 thousand people or perhaps more and it will deliver new prospects to my online business portal! Of course there are no guarantees that it will lead to a sale for me. But then I know with virtual absolute certainty that my iced espresso drink will not bring me any sales either!

So what is so magical about my picking $7.00 for this example? Well i have an offer that provides someone with a fully operating, 14 trial of an online system that can become fully self sustaining just within that 14 day trial period! It comes with training as well as the fact that I am willing to work with you to help you make that investment worth FAR more than the $7.00 that the trial cost you! Of course there are no guarantees that YOU will make money and you should see the “Earnings Statement” at the bottom of this page. But if YOU are willing to take a few minutes to check this out, i can tell you that it could be the most important step that you could take towards creating your very own personal ATM cash dispenser that will pay dividends for the rest of your life! To check this out all you have to do is to click on the “Are You Ready To Fire Your Boss” graphic at the top right of this page and you will be get to a video that shows you the results that can be achieved and how the process all works.

So The next time you are standing in that coffee shop waiting to get your premium coffee just the way that you like it, I want you to ask yourself this simple question, “Have I taken the necessary steps to get my personal ATM Machine set up and generating cash that will be deposited directly INTO my back account?” If the answer to that question is “No” then you also need to ask yourself why not and what are YOU waiting for? Hopefully it is NOT because you cannot afford the $7.00 to give it a real try!

And one final question that I have for you is this. After watching the video, what will it COST YOU if you don’t take advantage of this opportunity and what do you have to loose at most if you do give it a serious run for your money? I’d love to know what the answers to those questions are so please take a moment to leave a comment below!

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Make it a great day!

Larry A. Coates

Larry A. Coates

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