Living In The Past vs. Living In The Future

So here it is Monday morning and i would suspect that most of you that read this blog will have gotten up this morning and dreaded the thought of heading off to work once again to start another week of work at the office. For most of you that means that you are going to face challenges that don’t excite you, face people that you would rather not deal with, struggle with office politics that just bug the heck out of you and just make you feel sub-human for hating to have to do what certainly don’t want to do, just to earn that too needed paycheck that comes at the end of the week.

So you ask yourself, why is it that i am doing this? But it is a rhetorical question, because you know the answer! You don’t really have a choice do You? So let me ask you a question. Is that really true? Is this the ONLY thing that you could be doing to survive? I highly doubt it! So why is it that you find yourself in this position?

Could it be because you are allowing your past to control your future? When will YOU realize that YOU have WITHIN you all that YOU NEED to change that?

I was there at one point in my life too! We just seem to do what we have always done, because it has worked, even though it has not worked very well in the past. Face it neither of us could just say to our bosses or managers, “I’m going to take the next 6 weeks off because i am going to visit Australia for an extended vacation. I know that I only have two weeks of vacation earned but I don’t need the money anyway, so I will just take the time off without pay. See you in six weeks when I get back.” We would probably be fired on the spot for not having “Pre-arranged” this time off, and BEEN GIVEN THEIR PERMISSION, to take the time off! THat doesn’t even take into account the fact that we most likely could not even afford such a luxury of taking six weeks to travel half way around the world! For most of us that would have been simple a dream or fantasy, but never in our wildest imagination!

Some 20 years ago I saw that I did not want my past to control my retirement, and I started taking action to try and change that, but for a variety of reasons I did not go about that in the right way! At one point I gave up on that dream for a while, but then about five years ago I discovered a book entitled Seven Years to Seven Figures by Michael Masterson. That book changed my life and how I was going to change my future! What I found was that Michael had built a dozen companies to over 100 million dollars each, and that he had written a number of books and I started reading them one after the other!

Along that path I discovered a way to change my future so that I would not have to live a life in the future that was going to be be controlled by my past. I know that I must be a slow learner, because it has taken me the better part of five years to really start taking the action that I have needed to take to change my future! But that change IS happening now and I am thrilled that I am not only going to affect my own future, but more importantly, I see that I am now called to help other change their futures for the better as well!

I am going to continue to show You how You too can change Your future and how YOU can skip the long process that I have struggled to navigate to get to the point when my future is already changing for the better! This is your call to stop living a present life that is controlled by your past and to start to take the steps that will allow YOU to step into a future life that will be the life that you have dreamed of in the past, but have not experienced as your reality! You may even be at a point in your life that you cannot even recall what your dream life was supposed to be, because you have not experienced it for so long that, you gave up believing that it was even a possibility a long time ago!

But if you think back to when you were graduating from college or high school, and try and remember that younger you that YOU WERE, perhaps you will be able to remember some of those dreams that you had way back when!

So my goal and my passion is to help 100 people find their freedom which will allow them to leave their past behind and step into the future that they dreamed of in days gone by! I know that I won’t be able to help everyone. Those that are truly concerned about their futures and are willing to work to make the necessary changes that are needed, and are willing to take advice and follow instructions are the people that I can help!

So to me it does not matter if you are 25 and in the early years of a long journey through the “work for a living” leading you towards retirement and you dread the very thought of working for 40 or more years until retirement is a possibility, or if you are a between ages of 50 and 75 years of age (or more) and you know that don’t want what the future most like holds for you, you ARE someone that i would love to help change your future and to help YOU to stop living in a life controlled by your past!

IF you seriously know that You need to change your future, for whatever reason, and if You are willing to commit to making the necessary changes then there are three things that you need to do!

  1. ) You need to take 15 minutes and stop what you are doing and thing about what You truly would like to have for your future!
  2. ) Comment below and tell me that You want to change your future and that you have an idea of what You want that future to look like!
  3. ) You must subscribe below this blog post with your first and last name along with your email address so that you can follow this blog as well as allow me to start developing a meaningful relationship with you and to start working with You to help you achieve YOUR dreams!


I truly look forward to working with you!

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Make it a not only a great day, but also the day that You took the first step into YOUR Future!

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Larry A. Coates

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