Shortcut Takes You From Zero To Internet Hero

People that use the internet for marketing have some specific challenges that they face each and every day. To make matters worse the way that things are done are changing all the time! To overcome these challenges, takes the application of three critical components in order to stay relevant and more importantly competitive! To stay current one must always apply the “Invest, Learn, Teach” or ILT methodology or what some people refer to as the “Learn, Do, Teach” model.

Let’s take a brief look at this process!

Simply stated it is:

  1. Invest – to get head knowledge of some concept or technology
  2. Learn – get the hands on knowledge to actually apply the concepts or technology that you have been investing in. This takes massive action to truly master.
  3. Teach – this is where you teach others how to apply the concept or technology. They may be investing in this process by paying you to teach them all about it!

Step #2 in this process is THE most critical step in this process because it is the shortcut to making the needed changes to get the desired results and to increase your success! The faster you take massive action implementing and truly learning the faster you achieve your results. Take no action and You will get no results!

So let’s look at this a little bit deeper now…

The first step in this process is the investment stage. It is in this stage that you are investing either your time or your capital resources, or most likely both time and money! This stage is encountered when you desire, or absolutely need to, discover a better way of doing something that will make a huge impact upon your business. You might find yourself forced into this situation, because something change in the environment has changed. One example of this kind of change is when Google totally changed their model by which websites were ranked within Google’s search results! Many business owners virtually found themselves out of business because then lost all of their page ranking literally overnight when Google changed their ranking algorithms! When this change took place an unbelievable number of people found themselves scrambling to discover how to regain ranking in the Google search engine. Those that invested the maximum resources reaped two benefits. First they get their websites ranking highest first and started recapturing the traffic that had been lost, helping them once again to be profitable. But the second way that many of those people profited from what they learned was that they were now able to start teaching others how to recover from the changes!

Now others were investing in their businesses by buying the necessary training to get back into the page rankings! So this brings us to the second component in the ILT process which is the L or Learning phase.

The investing phase is important, but where the “rubber meets the road” is where the learning takes place! True learning only comes from one source and that is through the application of what you have invested in! It is in taking massive action that ones true learning takes place! It is this experiential knowledge that bring complete understanding and mastery of the new concepts and techniques. As one applies what they have spent time researching and investing in, that person gets a complete working methodology that changes the outcome of the results that they have been getting! It is also through that application and the mastery of the skills that now allows this same person to start teaching others how to use what they learned from their investment and by taking massive action.

I have spent far too long in the “Inveesting” stage and far too little time in the “Learning by doing stage” and it has cost me dearly too! I have been lucky to have discovered some truly remarkable mentors that have urged me and actually made me accountable for my actions and I am now truly learning to master all of the skills that I have been investing in over the past few years! Now that i am taking massive action the wheels of progress are turning for me and I am gaining momentum.

It is by taking that massive action and truly mastering the newly acquired knowledge that you become an internet hero, first by getting the results that your business needs and then secondly as you start to teach it to others that you truly become their hero for helping them get beyond their own limitations!

In summary

It is not enough to invest your time or money to gain some form of new knowledge, but it is rather by taking massive action that you find the shortcut to becoming an internet hero! So my word of advice to you is definitely invest in yourself but don’t stop there! You must take the massive action required to apply the knowledge you made the investment in!

Now It’s Time To Take Action!

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Take Massive Action!

Make it a great day!

Larry A. Coates

Larry A Coates

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