Creating An Indoctrination Autoresponder Series

Today I took the steps to implement a new autoresponder series for new subscribers to my blog. I learned a way to isolate out people that are truly new to my site and to then start a series of “Indoctrination” emails that tell them more about me, ways that I can help them, as well as to discuss actions that they need to take to get the most out of the help that I am willing and able to provide to them!

To make this happen I created two lists within my autoresponder which is based upon GetResponse. One list is used for two purposes. The first purpose is to deliver a report that the new subscriber specifically requested from me in exchange for being added as a subscriber to my blog. The second purpose of this specific list is to ensure that the new contact will receive a short series of emails from me telling them who I am, why I am here, and how I can help and serve them!

The second list is my general autoresponder list that I use for all of my normal correspondence with them. That will include not only automatic emails, but also special emails that I need to send them to let them know about a wide variety of important things that are happening. Some of the things that happen automatically are things like emails to inform them of my latest posts to one or more of my blog sites, or perhaps a series of emails that provide access to training that I may be making available to them. So of the non-automated emails can include information about things like upcoming events such as webinars that are of value, tools that i have discovered to make life easier, or live events that are coming up and the actions that they need to take to make sure that they can attend!

The real trick for me to accomplish this was the discovery of a service called “Zapier” that will allow me to automatically add a new contact that registers for a lead magnet and is placed in the first list to have that same contact added to the second autoresponder list so that they also get my standard communications without missing any of the original indoctrination series of emails!

Taking this approach allows me to be consistent in the way new people are brought into my system of communications in a way that allows me to build a true relationship with them and to make sure that no new subscribers “fall through the cracks” and are lost! At the same time, it reduces the work that I need to do to get someone started correctly thus leaving me more time to truly work with the people that need help getting started!

Steps You Can Take!

  1. If you would like more information about this process please leave a comment below and if there is sufficient interest I would be willing to create a webinar that will teach you not only how this is done but some of the why is is being done in the way that it is!
  2. Also if you found this blog to be of interest please be sure to register below so that you do not miss any of my other blogs!

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Larry A. Coates

Larry A. Coates

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